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Click here to learn more about Identity Theft Protection and Fraud Reporting.

When in doubt, don’t click!

Phishing emails can be very sophisticated and may look just like they are coming from a familiar bank, online retailer or financial institution. Instead, they trick consumers into clicking on links, providing personal banking information, and infecting computers with criminal viruses. Beal Bank will never send you any unsolicited emails and will never send any email asking you to provide your personal account details.

In general, avoid clicking on links embedded in emails; instead type in the URL into your internet browser.

Do your homework

The FDIC provides valuable information about the assets of all FDIC-insured banks. With this free information, you can objectively compare your banking institutions. Go to the FDIC website at and look for Uniform Bank Performance Report.

Keep viruses away

Research anti-virus software and install one on your computer. Use it regularly to scan your computer for viruses.

Keep your secrets secret

Whenever you are banking or shopping online, protect your login information including user names, passwords and personal identification numbers. Don’t use information that is easy to guess or find publicly, including middle names, maiden names, street addresses, etc.

Understand all your terms

Make the effort to read the terms of all your accounts, and ask questions so you fully understand all the details. For your Beal Bank account, you can call an Beal Bank Retail Banking Specialist at 877-TRY-BEAL (877-879-2325) to ask questions.

Clear your history

Regularly clear your internet browser history, to protect yourself against spyware and viruses that search there for sensitive information about you and your transactions.

Maximize your FDIC insurance

The FDIC insures your deposit to at least $250,000 per depositor. By managing your investments with accounts in the name of family members, you can increase your total coverage. Go to the FDIC government website for more information.

Better Budgeting

Don’t keep your investments in a vacuum. Instead, consider adding in your investment returns, account amounts and long-term plans in with your monthly household budget management. This will give you an accurate way to view both short-term (monthly) and long-term (investments) results in one place that will be easier to maintain. Research popular software, and make the commitment to your long-term success.

FDIC Cybersecurity Guide for Financial Institution Customers

Learn how to protect yourself online. View the Cybersecurity Guide for Financial Institution Customers.

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