Account Fees

Limited to six (6) withdrawals per month, fee for each additional withdrawal over six (6)    $1.00
Fee assessed if the account is closed within (6) months    $15.00
Quarterly minimum balance fee if the daily balance drops below $500 any day of the quarter    $3.00
Returned deposits (per item) $7.50
Insufficient Funds (per returned item) $25.00
Stop Payment (per item) $25.00

Administrative Fees

Wire transfer - domestic $15.00
Wire transfer - foreign $60.00
Wire transfer - incoming NO CHARGE
Cashier's Check (customer) $3.00
Cashier's Check (non customer) $10.00
Recon/Research per hour (min. 1 hr.) $25.00
Photocopy of check $3.00
Collection item\plus additional fees imposed by bank    $10.00
Photocopy/microfilm copy-statement $4.00
Photocopy/microfilm copy-other item $3.00
Direct deposit service NO CHARGE
Compliance with Legal Orders (per hours) $35.00

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