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Please note that Beal Bank USA products are not available to potential depositors in Texas and Ohio. However, you can still purchase FDIC-insured certificates of deposit or other savings products through Beal Bank.
Beal Bank - FDIC #32574Beal Bank USA - FDIC #57833
18 Month Certificate of Deposit4.900%4.812%Open Account4.950%4.861%Open Account
24 Month Certificate of Deposit4.750%4.668%Open Account4.800%4.716%Open Account
36 Month Certificate of Deposit4.550%4.474%Open Account4.600%4.523%Open Account
48 Month Certificate of Deposit4.450%4.378%Open Account4.500%4.426%Open Account
60 Month Certificate of Deposit4.400%4.329%Open Account4.450%4.378%Open Account
CD TermBeal Bank
FDIC #32574
Beal Bank USA
FDIC #57833
18 mos.
APY* 4.900%
Rate 4.812%
APY* 4.950%
Rate 4.861%
24 mos.
APY* 4.750%
Rate 4.668%
APY* 4.800%
Rate 4.716%
36 mos.
APY* 4.550%
Rate 4.474%
APY* 4.600%
Rate 4.523%
48 mos.
APY* 4.450%
Rate 4.378%
APY* 4.500%
Rate 4.426%
60 mos.
APY* 4.400%
Rate 4.329%
APY* 4.450%
Rate 4.378%

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