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Our Focus: A Lender Seeking Loan Opportunities®

Beal Bank is an aggressive, competitive buyer of mortgage loans, commercial loans, and loan portfolios, and has earned a reputation as one of the largest buyers in the secondary market.


Lending Affiliates


CSG Investments, Inc. serves as investment advisor to Beal Bank and Beal Bank USA, and has underwritten and originated more than $10 billion in commercial transactions.

CLG Hedge Fund, LLC primarily originates commercial real estate- and construction-based loans.

For a full list of all transactions, please visit the lending affiliate websites.

Beal Bank A Lender Seeking Loan Opportunities


Approach to Acquisitions

We look for transactions that make sense from both buyer and seller perspectives. We do not follow market trends and will consider purchasing virtually any loan or portfolio of loans.

Our aggressive and detailed approach to risk assessment and pricing transactions includes a strong focus on the probability of performance, risk-adjusted yields, and collateral valuations as the basis for pricing the transaction.

We will complete acquisitions through either bidding or direct negotiations.

Our organizational structure enables us to move very quickly with strict confidentiality and, if needed, we can provide firm pricing within three to five business days of initiating discussions.

Acquisition Considerations

We will consider for acquisition either whole or participation interests and virtually any loan or related product. Transactions generally involve:

  • Non-agency residential first liens in pools larger than $50 million

  • Commercial real estate-secured loans (including but not limited to office, industrial, retail, apartments, and assisted living) for amounts from $5 million to $1 billion-plus

We take a pragmatic approach to purchasing loans and will assess potential transactions involving any loan type. Commercial loans may be considered whether they are performing, sub-performing, or non-performing.

We specialize in transactions to purchase pools of loans involving $50 million or more and including individual credit facilities of $1 billion-plus each.

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